Personal branding is important when looking for a job, starting a business, or changing careers. This workshop provides tips and techniques to help you build an awesome personal brand.

Improve your team’s ability to build long-lasting relationships with the media. Generate more quality coverage with this media relations training course.


How To Generate $25k – $50k With Social Selling

Enjoy spending time on social media and want to achieve greater sales success? If so, social selling may be right for you (or your team.) What exactly is social selling? It's defined as the process of developing relationships as part of the [...]


Joe is genuinely a great guy and he definitely knows marketing! You should go follow him, connect with him and read his content.

Danielle Uskovic, Head of Digital & Social at Lenovo Asia Pacific

Joe is very much in the know in Asia and well respected. I enjoyed his talk because he takes it to a real level – no fluff.

testimonialChristina Teo, Chief Community Builder at Startup Asia Women