Content Marketing Workshop

Content Marketing Workshop (For Fortune 1000 Brands)
The only content marketing workshop in Singapore conducted by an ex-Forbes contributor

Social Selling Workshop

Hubspot defines “social selling” as is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Salespeople will provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy.

Personal branding is important when looking for a job, starting a business, or changing careers. This workshop provides tips and techniques to help you build an awesome personal brand.


Measuring Marketing ROI With The Brand Builders

Challenge #1: Moving from "content" to "content marketing." Stakeholders and current (inherited) teams don’t understand the difference between content and content marketing. Solution #1: "When you’re starting everything from scratch and need to tie things together in order to explain [...]


Joe is genuinely a great guy and he definitely knows marketing! You should go follow him, connect with him and read his content.

Danielle Uskovic, Head of Digital & Social at Lenovo Asia Pacific

Joe is very much in the know in Asia and well respected. I enjoyed his talk because he takes it to a real level – no fluff.

Christina Teo, Chief Community Builder at Startup Asia Women