Alice Yu Yuebo shares how brands in China can actually win the “Chu Quan” marketing game and get out of the zone and bring wider influence to a wider audience.

  • Agile Marketing

In agile marketing, we use small experiments to constantly test the market, to hear from social and from the public space.

To know what is trending would add a latest fashion point from our customers before we actually launch articles or creative social media posts.

In a way, it actually offers you a testing bed to constantly interact with your customers and hear what they are thinking and what they need so that you can constantly adjust and improve your marketing strategies to be relevant, to fit for the purpose.

I think this is the whole meaning behind agile marketing.

  • Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is really the key.

We practice social listening very actively to see what is hot on the trend so that the trend won’t happen only after a month that we are responding.

We should respond very fast to the trends because people’s attention online are actually dropping very fast.

Today there’s a hot trend but tomorrow it could be another one.

So if you need to  really act on it fast before you think about a lot of big ideas – how do I make it happen and and hear you count with the execution before the trend actually passes.

The last thing you need to do is to connect with your customers instead of sitting back in office and guessing what they like and would this idea work for them.

Just go onto the streets and talk to them.

There’s also a more scientific way for you to really study your target audience.

Instead of going to your friends, you should really find a target audience to promote your brand or producton, connect with them, practice social listening, and add something that really addresses their passion wants.

  • Innovation

In order to innovate, you need to adopt a mindset to empathize first.

That means you need to listen to the market and hear what people are talking about.

Hear from the society, what are the common issues.

In China, I think the culture ingredient is also important for you to associate with the wider audience.

  • Creativity

Creativity is very important.

After you have gathered enough evidence about what is happening and you have associated it with a culture and with social issues, you still need to use your creativity to come up with the best execution to be able to write on to the trend to innovate

  • Community

In order to get out of your zone, you should not only focus on your own community but also  go beyond your own community to focus on wider group of audience.

Even if you have the audience in your community, you need to reach a wider audience. In this generation, everyone wants to be noticed.

To be able to apply personalization very well, you need to develop an ultimate channel experience.

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