Branded Content Examples 2019 [Washington Post]

Branded content continues to be all the rage among publishers and companies alike.
So if you’re looking for branded content examples for your 2019 planning, check out these 11 pieces from the Washington Post.
1. Optum: Working to end the epidemic
Depicting the scope of our nation’s opioid problem and telling deeply personal stories, we interwove an immersive blend of emotional video interviews, interactive infographics, stunning video backgrounds and photography. We were thrilled when Katie Couric shared it on Twitter, calling it “well done and comprehensive.”
2. Siemens:  Bright ideas energize global improvements
We transport our audience inside electric-transportation-ready cities of the future with 3D illustrated animations. This is the last of a series of three releases (see one and two) highlighting the importance of infrastructure for electric vehicles in America. This program builds on the success of an award-winning partnership in 2017.
3. T. Rowe Price: The Confident Wallet
Our first ever custom podcast series was a huge success — it features roundtable discussions demystifying topics like saving for college and social security strategies. A Season 2 is coming soon!
4. Destination Canada: A new chapter in Kingston
Illustrating the transformative power of a trip to Canada, we take our audience on a journey with a New York City-based writer. In this 5-minute doc style video, she travels to Kingston, one of the most literary cities in Canada, where she overcomes writer’s block and finds inspiration for her upcoming novel.
5. Shell: The making of sustainable mobility
We take our audience on the road to a cleaner energy future in a longform animated scroll experience bringing the innovations to vivid life.
6. MGM: Art on the capital
We created a digital walking tour of the MGM National Harbor, composed of thousands of still images stitched together and hyperlapse videos along the route
7. Harry’s: The many faces of masculinity
What does it mean to be a man today? We investigate this question in a 360-degree partnership including a panel-driven live event, video distribution and this thought-provoking feature profiling three diverse men challenging stereotypes. The program garnered a Bronze Award from the Native Advertising Institute for Best Integrated Program.
8. IBM: The real-world business of AI
To break down AI for business, we teamed with futurist Maurice Conti to create a video that marries live action and motion graphics. As Maurice explains the complex subject, animations overlaid on the footage bring the innovations to life.
9. Cisco: Virtual brainstorms with an in-person feel
Is the subway getting you down? We asked comedian Judah Friedlander and four urban designers to imagine NYC transit in the year 2050, using Cisco Webex. The video-led content was distributed on social media and embedded in a broader narrative on about collaborative technology.
10. Cleveland Clinic: Keeping your mind
As we age, our bodies our outlasting our brains. We tackle this longevity dilemma, in an immersive experience about innovations in brain health. The article features emotional patient videos and interactive 3D brain models that visualize the impact of age-related neurological illnesses. This program buils on the success of an award-winning partnership in 2017.
11. AT&T Business: Journey to the edge
To help prepare business for the future, we take our audience on a mobile-friendly choose-your-own-adventure experience though health care, manufacturing, retail and finance. Within each scenario, readers can test their decision-making and learn how to prepare for the business world ahead.
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