Common CRM Challenges & Solutions [Brand Builders Edition]

In the May edition of the Brand Builders lunch, we have Stanley Kan who runs 4 agencies, Joshua Poh of Parcel Perform, Sheena King of Canadian International School, Patricia Mulles of She Loves Data, Gerry of Bridge Alliance and Joe.

Some topics talked about were scaling, content marketing vs performance marketing, dealing with the China market and a common pain of the table – CRM implementation, or making sense of where our leads are coming from.

Marketing Pains

The group went on to chat about the pains of CRM implementation – how it is still a topic of discussion after the likes of 4 years, and even after implementation, there are a lot of processes and buy-ins to get in order for it to take off.

Sheena: I currently do everything manually – I’ve no way of seeing where my leads come from. It’s multiple sources and a lot of manual matching.

Gerry: There is also the pain whereby there are lots of existing CRM solutions out there, but none that fit my budget. Most cater to medium or large companies.

Joe: Lots of companies base their pricing on what’s considered “small” in the states, but it’s really different here.

Sheena: I feel that the missing piece in the puzzle for [CRM provider] is that the onboarding scares us, as we’re not CRM experts, and there’s no face-to-face. Our systems and setup are so complex, it’s difficult to imagine how you can do that if you aren’t around in person to get your hands dirty.

Stanley: I feel that as a single market, we’re usually not CRM savvy. Else we’ll be able to adopt it ourselves. However, in the likes of Australia, they are so savvy that SaaS and CRM take off really well there.

Joe: It’s true. What happened for us is that when we got a tool, it was a question of ‘what do we do with it now?’ I had to hire someone specifically for the tool.

Sheena: What was the part you struggled with? Was it setting up the flows?

Joe: It was more of the onboarding process, the flows, etc.

Sheena: I actually don’t mind the whole journey of putting the flows and processes together – it’s kind of like a cleaning up process.

Gerry: I feel like what this means for marketers as well is that the ability to use these tools will then appear more often in the Job Description when companies are hiring for our kind.

Joe: It takes a certain stripe of person to really specialise in CRM. It’s a rare pool of people.

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