Content Marketing or Performance Marketing? [Brand Builders Edition]

In the May edition of the Brand Builders lunch, we have Stanley Kan who runs 4 agencies, Joshua Poh of Parcel Perform, Sheena King of Canadian International School, Patricia Mulles of She Loves Data, Gerry of Bridge Alliance and Joe.
Some topics talked about were scaling, content marketing vs performance marketing, dealing with the China market and a common pain of the table – CRM implementation, or making sense of where our leads are coming from.
Content Marketing vs Performance Marketing
Joshua: How do we bridge it together when they’re rather different?
Patricia: There are attribution models that exist. But it depends on how you define it.
Joe: For content marketing, once you get started, it snowballs. It definitely does work and builds on a momentum.
Patricia: It’s true. It’s like if you plant the seed in the wide land of the Internet…
Stanley: … it becomes fertile and brings harvest!
Joe: When I go to a sales meeting and someone knows who you are before you walk in, it becomes a conversation – no longer a sales pitch. It’s then a question of “how can I help you? And if I can’t, who can I rope in to help you out?”, rather than bringing in a deck. People underestimate the impact of content marketing; the conversion rate is much higher.
Sheena: The issue with content marketing is that it’s time consuming.
Joe: Yes it is, because it has to be consistent. If you drop off in your content marketing efforts, there is an impact.
Sheena: And it has to be original too. Also, having a consistent pipeline of nice, interesting articles is tough, especially when working with agencies. My industry is very niche and nuances in words are important.
Joe: Something that really works is evergreen content. Content that has worked in the past – refresh it. It’s going to perform better than if you produce content just for the sake of it.
Joe: Also, one of the reasons why things might not perform is because it might be too click-baity.
Patricia: It also affects how your brand is associated – do you want it to be alongside these types of content?
Sheena: I’m trying to balance our aspirations for content performance with brand association during these marketing efforts as our brand is held to a certain level of value standards.
Sometimes a piece of content can look really legit, but when it’s placed next to “trashy” content or celebrity news, etc., it might not be the brand association you want. I feel like the traffic and clicks forms part of a value for certain companies, but it’s probably not the best mix for me.
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