Quick China Marketing Tips For Overseas Companies

In the May edition of the Brand Builders lunch, we have Stanley Kan who runs 4 agencies, Joshua Poh of Parcel Perform, Sheena King of Canadian International School, Patricia Mulles of She Loves Data, Gerry of Bridge Alliance and Joe.

Some topics talked about were scaling, content marketing vs performance marketing, dealing with the China market and a common pain of the table – CRM implementation, or making sense of where our leads are coming from.

Let’s Talk China Marketing

Patricia: Sheena, your brand’s positioning of the “Bilingual” programme is a really nice touch!

Stanley: Have you guys tried out WeChat?

Sheena: The question we have is how do we manage WeChat enquiries, when we don’t have ready support in the right language for that? We have tried working with partners but the leads get too cold because they aren’t attended to fast enough.

Stanley: For WeChat, what might probably work better for your brand is to use it more for WeChat SEO. So this is more for a nurturing aspect, rather than an aggressive approach of ads.

If you’re doing SEO, check if your site is indexable on Baidu. For your brand, it sounds like a nurturing approach is the way to go. Once your audience is educated enough, it becomes easier.

Joe: It’s about putting the pieces together. How to marry content marketing with the sales and nurturing processes.

Bonus: Finding Freelancers 

Question: How do you find freelancers?

Joe: LinkedIn

Patricia: Word of mouth.

Joe: I’m always on the lookout for talent. I also work through my partners, for example, SMU, where I have an arrangement with them if there are interested individuals who are looking for an apprenticeship.


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